I do love a dedicated life!

After spending the entire day today working on the computer, I sit down and read the second half of a book called the Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. I am determined to be all finished with screens this evening. I open up one of my notebooks hoping to journal, and I find a small reflection from sometime in the early spring this past year. It sings to me off the page and I decide I have to post it.

In this passage, I am briefly reflecting on my life here at Annunciation House – both the hospitality work and my job as the Border Awareness Experience (BAE) coordinator. The BAE is an immersion program that AH offers to groups from around the country to come learn about the border and immigration and I am one of two volunteers who coordinates it. My reflection is so super short and unedited, but I hope maybe a part of it will sing to you too!

All that I remember is that I wrote it during a reflection with one of the groups I was hosting. One of the participants (a college student) prompted some journaling time with some quote which I did not fully take down nor did I note the author. Forgive me, if that’s you!

To give sacrificially – To run barefoot towards it. The runway is a lot shorter than we think it is.

– amazing! I love that idea. I find myself very in love with the work I do here. Not because of the way I feel to put a smile on someone’s face or give them soap to bathe with, but because of all the in between moments of community and humanity. There is some kind of stability in knowing that we are here for one another amidst the chaos, confusion, despair. That we have some kind of common vision together. I think the way of life here is profound when I lean in and let it touch me and I kind of think that’s similar for the guests (the migrants & refugees). I feel particularly blessed to get to be with these college groups – what an amazing opportunity! I have to remind myself to be humble and intentional, even when I am so super tired, because this is not my land or my community from which to speak, but I do feel a part of the community for sure. I don’t know how to acknowledge this, but I ought to do better! And at least try.

I do love a dedicated life. A heart that’s all in. :’)

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